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Vertical Radiators

At Wright Gas, we can fit all shapes and style of radiator for your homes central heating system.

And one of the most popular styles of radiator currently being fitted to homes in Scotland is the vertical radiator.

What is a vertical radiator?

Put simply, rather than running along the wall of a room, a vertical radiator goes up (hence the name). They can create a stylish focal point to a room and create more floor space. A handy feature for smaller rooms or those that are big enough that they require multiple radiators fitted.
They work in the same way as a traditional horizontal radiator yet are taller and because they are narrow, can be fitted to areas that may otherwise be unused.

a vertical radiator fitted to a home in Greenock

Do vertical radiators come in many design styles?

Whether you are looking for a modern flat panel design of radiator or a period style that matches well with your home style, there are many options to consider. Vertical radiators come in different styles, colours and finishes. We can advise you on all of this when we discuss your homes central heating requirements.

Are vertical radiators less efficient than conventional radiators?

Not at all. The varying sizes of wall mounted vertical radiators available means that you can have a vertical radiator fitted that produces the same heat output as a conventional horizontal radiator.

Are new radiators more energy efficient?

When we are fitting new boilers for customers, we sometimes get asked:
“are new radiators more efficient than old radiators?” It is a sensible question and it makes sense to ask because like a new boiler install will operate more efficiently than an old boiler, so too will new radiators. Why? Because things like boiler heat output and efficiency are more important these days. Older radiators were not designed to tolerate the heat output of new boilers and if you live in a home where the old radiators have been painted over many times, then all that paint will absorb more of the heat energy from the radiator. A brand new vertical radiator will emit more heat and therefore is more efficient. There are of course variations between different designs and even different manufacturers and the materials they use but overall, new radiators are more efficient.

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If you would like to find out more about vertical radiators and having them fitted to your home, please call us today on 07746 942 768 or email

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