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Can my old boiler be serviced?

If you have been ignoring your boilers annual servicing and it has finally broken down – what can you do about it?

At WrightGas, we always maintain that a healthy boiler is a happy boiler and annual servicing is the best way to keep your boiler running smoothly. But while your vehicle requires yearly MOT checks to keep it on the road, there is no such requirement for gas boiler servicing. So a lot of home owners in the West Coast of Scotland simply ignore getting their boiler serviced.

But what do you do when something does go wrong? Can your boiler even be repaired after so long without a service?


It obviously depends on what state your boiler is in and what the problem that caused the breakdown was. We have been called out to boiler repair jobs where a leak had been left un fixed for at least two years and the corrosion inside the boiler had simply caused it to be unrepairable.

On other occasions, the repair job can be somewhat minor and the home owner gets off lightly. For example, a broken down boiler job we were called out for in Houston was the result of no servicing for over three years according to the Houston resident (though we suspect the boiler had never been serviced). The repair job required three separate repairs which, because the boiler had never been serviced, could not be covered by its warranty which meant the repairs cost the home owner.

We had to change a printed circuit board, the pressure guage and the air pressure switch. When we received the call out, the Houston resident was worried that they were going to have to pay for a completely new boiler but we worked hard to get the Ideal Boiler back up and running and have already booked the boiler in for a proper service plan to make sure that it works properly for many years to come.

A lack or servicing will void your warranty

Whether you have a Vokera Boiler, a Worcester Bosch or one of the many other brands of boiler that we can install for you, they all come with different levels of manufacturers warranty. However, the boiler MUST be serviced ever year to ensure that the warranty is kept active. While nobody likes to spend money on servicing, the small cost of an annual boiler service and an active manufacturers warranty is worth its weight in golf compared to having to have your broken down boiler repaired outside of warranty.

When your boiler can’t be repaired

There are times when a boiler has been left unchecked and serviced for so long that the problem has made the boiler a ‘Write Off’. In this situation, a new boiler install provided by Wright Gas can get your homes heating system back up and running quickly and for a lot less than you might think. If you are considering a new boiler install, you can read about how much a new boiler costs by clicking here >>>.

And if you would like to know what is involved in a new boiler install, how long it can take and what we need to do, click here >>>.

Find out more

If you have any more questions about fitting a new boiler, the cost of new boilers and what brands are best, please contact us. We will be happy to talk you through your options.

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