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Central Heating Flushing

Central Heating Flushing is a service that is so often overlooked by home owners.

But in order to keep your homes central heating system operating efficiently and to its full capabilities, central heating flushing should be carried out as part of a maintenance program to help maintain your boilers efficiency and health.

At Wright Gas, we provide a full service powerflushing service in the Renfrewshire, Paisley and West of Glasgow area. As a fully Gas Safe Registered Boiler Maintenance Engineer, we are also a Which Trusted Trader, so you can have peace of mind that we are fully qualified to work on central heating flushing and we are held to a high standard by Which.

What is Central Heating Flushing?

Over time, the insides of your radiator will begin to rust in a process call ‘Iron Oxide’. This is effectively a fancy way of saying that your radiators are corroding from the inside out. The amount of rust is relatively small (in comparison to the visual rust you may see on metals left outdoors in Scottish weather) but the rust build up can accumulate at the bottom of your radiator and over time, this build up can cause real issues for your homes central heating system. The rust takes up space in the radiator that would normally be used by hot water so instantly, your radiator is not producing as much heat as usual. This reduction in heat energy emissions means that your boiler has to run harder and for longer which then means you are spending more on your monthly gas bills. While many home owners will dismiss this as a ‘small inconvenience’, the real trouble of iron oxide is caused when it gets to your boiler. If you think of your boiler like a human heart and the iron oxide is the cholesterol. Over time, that build up of cholesterol while make your boiler heart have to work harder and harder until it has the equivalent of a heart attack. The sludge that forms from Iron Oxide rusting will reduce the heart produced from your boiler to heat the home and make your boiler work harder with more risk of breaking down.

How can I tell if I need a Central Heating Flushing Service?

If your radiator feels lukewarm to the touch even after the boiler has been running for a long time then you most likely have a build up of rusting Iron Oxide. If you can hear a banging or knocking sound from your boiler then this can be caused from poor circulation and overheating. And if your boiler begins to sporadically turn off then the problem needs to be addressed quickly.

What does a Central Heating Flushing involve?

Our central heating flushing service is a fairly straightforward two step process. 1) We remove all the sludge from your homes central heating system by flushing out each individual radiator in your home. We run a chemical cleaner to help aid this. 2) We add an inhibitor chemical to help protect the quality of the water in your heating system.

We can also add magnetic filter systems to help reduce the circulation of the Iron Oxide sludge in the future.

A central heating flushing service will help improve the central heating efficiency of your home whilst improving the overall health of your boiler. As part of a boiler maintenance service, powerflushing can help prevent your boiler from breaking down and increase its life span.

If you would like a quote for a central heating powerflushing service, the next step is to get in touch. Call Wright Gas today on 07746 942 768.

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