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Radiator Repairs

A broken radiator can range in severity from minor to major. From a simple heating control valve that limits the heating output of the radiator to a cracked pipe that is causing a leaking radiator that is damaging your flooring.

Whatever the problem you have with your homes radiator, you can count on Wright Gas to fix it.

Our Radiator Repair Service

With so many ages and styles of home across Renfrewshire ranging from new build housing estates to Victorian sandstone homes that are over 100 years old, there is understandably a wide variety of heating radiators installed in these homes ranging from classic cast iron radiators to more modern convection heating radiators.

But whatever style of radiator you have, we can fix it. If the mountings for the radiator have given up and the radiator has literally fallen of the wall, we can fix it. If the radiator is leaking and soaking your carpet, we can fix it. While we may be known first and foremost as a boiler repair and installation firm, we can and do provide Bathroom Installations which obviously includes the related plumbing work. It means that we have quickly become the go to contact for customers in the area who have suffered from a broken radiator and need an expert to repair it.

What can cause a broken radiator?

Like so many things related to plumbing and heating, there is more than just one obvious reason for a broken radiator. Old pipe washers can simply corrode and fail, causing a small but damaging drip drip leak. If you have small children at home, you would be amazed at how likely they will pull and push at a radiator causing it to work loose from its holding brackets and even bend the heating pipes. And of course, if you have an older cast iron radiator, it may be corroding from iron oxidisation and leaking because of this.

Whatever the reason, at Wright Gas, we are a fully qualified Gas Engineer covering Paisley, Renfrewshire and the West Coast of Scotland. We are fully Gas Safe registered, are an approved Baxi Boiler Installer and are Which Trusted Trader.

Call Wright Gas today on 07746 942 768 to book a call out for your radiator repair job.

Do I not need a plumber to fix a broken radiator?

So often, home owners in Renfrewshire will call their local plumber to fix a broken radiator. This is because a lot of plumbers will be able to fix plumbing pipes. They can’t however (unless they are Gas Safe Registered) work on your gas supply and/or boiler system. As a fully Gas Safe Certified Boiler Repair Specialist, we are able to work on your radiator repair job and cover any other heating issue you may have as part of the same call out.

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