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Gas Boiler Servicing

Local, reliable gas engineer for all your boiler servicing, repairs and installations in and around Bridge of Weir and the West Coast.

Boiler Repairs

There is nothing worse than having a boiler pack up on you. Primarily because when a boiler breaks, it is generally in the winter months which in Renfrewshire can be no laughing matter.

With so many boiler manufacturers out there with different methods, mechanical layouts and parts used, one of our unique selling points is how many of those boilers we can work on. Choosing the right Gas Engineer to repair your boiler is extremely important, choosing one that can actually repair your broken boiler is equally so. We can work on all brands of boiler central heating system and have years of experience in this field. With a high success rate for fixing your broken boiler on the first visit thanks to a full ‘arsenal’ of repair equipment and parts in our vehicles, we truly are one of the leading boiler repair companies in the area.


Boiler Maintenance / Boiler Servicing

Prevention is the best way of ensuring that you stay toasty warm in the winter months and have hot running water when you need it. And by prevention, we mean boiler maintenance and servicing.

Making sure your boiler is running smoothly and efficiently is the easiest way of ensuring that it does not break down. While we are happy to take our cars to the garage for yearly MOT & Servicing, you would be amazed at how few people actually maintain their boilers. And you would be even more amazed at how many of them are in shock that a boiler that gets used religiously each and every day has finally developed a fault after (for example) nearly a decade of use without a service.

If you want to ensure that you boiler is running reliably, running efficiently and running properly then a yearly service is the easiest and cheapest way to achieve this.

Top Tip

If you have a new boiler, it MUST be serviced annually to ensure that the boiler keeps in line with the manufacturer warranty.

Boiler Installs

A new boiler is more energy efficient, with reduced monthly energy bills AND a quieter running noise. If you are intending on living in your current home for more than a couple of years and have been considering a new boiler, then you will make your money back on saved energy usage.

At WrightGas, we offer FREE no obligation quotes for a new boiler install. We can come out as early as the same day if required (for example, your old boiler has broken and rather than repair it, you simply want a new boiler). To find out more about getting a quote for a new boiler, click here >>>

Central Heating Flushing

The first question you may be asking yourself is this…’what is central heating flushing?’

Well to answer that….over time, radiators in your home can stop performing at their normal heating output. So if you notice that your radiator is luke warm rather than roasting hot, it may be struggling to emit the stated heating output. This is caused by something called ‘Iron Oxide’ which is a fancy way of saying that your radiators are corroding from the inside out. This leads to rust building up at the bottom of your radiator which takes up space that would normally be used by hot water – hence a reduction in energy output. Iron Oxide will result in poor heating performance and eventually your boiler will begin to break down because of the build up of ‘sludge’ in the heating system.

If you can hear banging or knocking from your boiler OR your boiler occasionally cuts out for no good reason, it may be because of poor circulation and overheating.

Our power flush service guarantees that we will remove the sludge from your home’s central heating system. We can do this by introducing a chemical cleaner to the system and flushing out each individual radiator before adding an inhibitor chemical to protect the quality of the water in your heating system.

Landlord Certificates

For more information on Landlord Certificates, please click here >>>

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