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Common reasons why your boiler breaks down

A boiler is a fairly compicated piece of machinery and during the winter months, is expected to work hard for multiple hours every single day.

So it is no surprise that from time to time, boilers break down.


But what are the most common reasons for a boiler to break down? Here is a list of common reasons and likely faults that may have caused your boiler to break down

Thermostats not accurate

If your home is never as warm as it should be then we can point our finger at the thermostat. Over time, a boilers thermostat can lose its accuracy. To fix it, all we need to do is recalibrate the existing thermostat or, if you prefer, install a new energy-efficient thermostat that can offer more accurate readings for a toasty warm home.

Strange Noises

It may sound spooky and even scary (especially if you live in an older home) but the strange noises you hear in the dark aren’t ghosts but in fact are caused by air that has entered the heating system. It most likely means that your boiler pressure is low and you may have a leak in the system. We can help to fix this.

Lose of pressure

This is another leak problem. Low pressure on the system can cause the boiler to shut down with a fault code. The leak can be through a radiator, one of the pipes or something else. The bigger the leak, the quicker the boiler will shut down.

Pilot Lights

This may sound scary but it is a safety feature. The pilot light shuts off to prevent a possible explosion because of gas build up. This can be caused by a leaking gas pipe. If you smell gas from your boiler, please call theĀ Free Gas Emergency Services Emergency Line immediately on 0800 111 999. The pilot light can also go out because of a deposit build up and needs cleaned as part of a yearly service.

Frozen Pipes

This is Scotland. And that means that along with the rain, more rain and even more rain after that, we get the odd sprinkling of frost. The condensation pipe at the back of a boiler can become frozen during winter which obviously would shut the boiler down.

Clogged Values

If you don’t have your boiler serviced regularly then things like clogged valves can occur. Boiler Servicing isn’t a scam. It is a logical way of ensuring that your boiler, something that you need to keep your home warm during the cold winter months, runs smoothly and efficiently every single time it fires up.

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