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Faulty Boiler Warning Signs

While we would all love it if our boilers lasted forever, there is always a chance that it can develop a fault. Faults can occur at any time in the exact same way that a TV might develop a fault, a fridge might stop cooling or a light bulb breaks.  It is simply part of life.

But in a boiler, because of the use of gas, it is important to keep an eye on it for any faults and warning signs.

Resetting your boiler

If you are having to reset your boiler frequently because it is shutting down then it may have a problem. This is why boilers need frequent services that can help spot issues and prevent the release of carbon monoxide.

Safety comes first

Nobody wants to have to pay for a new boiler but if a Gas Engineer advises you to replace your old boiler, please take this advise seriously.  We will only advise you to replace your boiler if it is of direct benefit to yourself through significant cost savings (either through repair parts, energy consumption or other related purpose) or for safety reasons.

Check for dark marks

If the walls around your boiler have darkened then there could be a fault with the boilers burn function.  If you notice a strange smell from the boiler then call us to inspect it.  We are a Gas Safe Registered Boiler Engineer.

Carbon Monoxide Alarm

All boilers should have a carbon monoxide alarm next to them.  Check the battery regularly.  If the alarm starts beeping, calmly leave the building and call either ourselves of the National Gas Emergency Helpline.

Gas Leak

If your boiler has developed a leak and carbon monoxide is escaping into the home you need to look out for the tell tale signs.  Headaches, dizziness, nausea and breathlessness are all early signs of carbon monoxide poisoning. If you notice this, turn everything off and leave the home.

Having your boiler services every year is not an evil scheme to try and cone you out of money.  It is to ensure that your gas boiler is working safely.  In the same way that you have your Car Serviced, you should always have your boiler serviced.

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