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Help! My boiler pressure keeps having to be topped up

Are you having to top up your boiler weekly or even daily?

If so then you have a problem with your gas boiler that needs to be looked at. Brushing it aside as a small inconvenience is simply putting off the inevitable.

If you are having to top up your boiler pressure all the time then there are a few things that you can do to check your boiler is performing correctly.

Boiler Check #1

If you can check the pressure gauge on your boiler. It will be located on the front of the boiler, possibly behind a protective cover depending on what boiler brand you have in your home. Is the pressure level indicating that the boiler pressure is past 2 or nearly even 3 when your heating is running? If it is then this is a tell tale sign that your boiler has an Expansion issue which needs to be addressed. An inspection by one of our gas engineers can confirm this and it should be a relatively easy boiler repair switching a faulty part out for a new one.

Boiler Check #2

Check the radiators around your home. Is there any tell tale sings that they have been leaking? When was the last time you bled your radiators? A loss of pressure can be caused because of a leak in the system which can require that your boiler needs to be topped up regularly.

If a boiler pressure drops too much then it will go into shutdown mode to protect itself. On most modern boiler brand models, an error code will flash on the screen to inform you what the problem is. Please consult your owners manual to confirm what the error code fault is listed as before calling our team. It is incredibly helpful knowing if the boiler has a set identified problem before we are called out to repair the problem.

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If your boiler has ben dropping pressure constantly then it is the first signs of a developing problem. The sooner these issues can be repaired, the cheaper the repair cost usually is. If you have any questions about your boiler, the cost of boiler repairs and anything else to do with boiler repairs and maintenance, please contact us today. We will be happy to talk you through your options.

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