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It is no secret that gas prices have been going up a lot this year.

And while many home owners will have accounts with energy firms who buy their gas in advance and therefore have not yet been hit by the increases, there is a lot of uncertainty right now. Understandably it makes sense to look at how you can reduce your gas bills. Which is why we have put together a list of ways you can keep your energy usage down and your monthly costs to a minimum.

1 – Switch Supplier

Not everyone can simply switch gas supplier.  And it may be that switching will not actually result in any significant savings.  But it doesn’t hurt to look. However, USwitch as actually advising that you stay put.  You can read more about it in the link below.

U-Switch Article

2 – Reduce heat loss

The less heat your home looses, the more effectively it can heat your home.  So keep doors shut, drafts down and keep doors that lead to the outside closed as quickly as possible. Keep curtains shut as soon as the sun goes down, not just when you are going to bed.  And if you want to take it to the next level, you can always add more insulation to your home to trap the heat in for longer.

3 – Reduce heat absorption

What do we mean by this?  Well if you have a couch right in front of the radiator then the radiator is using a lot of energy to heat the couch rather than the room.  If you can, create some space between the radiator and the rest of the room so you can allow the heat to flow more freely.

4 – Cut down on gas sapping things

Who doesn’t love a good bath?  Well if you are serious about reducing your gas bills then cut a few baths out of your life and replace them with a nice hot shower instead. And when you do have a bath, if you find you are adding lots of cold water to cool the bath down after you have run it then turn down the thermostat on the boiler for hot water.  You obviously don’t need it that hot – you are just wasting energy.

5 – Boiler Servicing

We say it time and time again.  A serviced boiler will run cleaner and more efficiently than one that hasn’t been serviced.  Yes a boiler service costs money but it is only £65 +VAT and it also comes with added peace of mind that your boiler will be running reliably this winter.

6 – Invest in a smart meter

A smart meter can help you make significant savings on your energy bill. If you know you are going to be late home, a normal thermostat will still come on at the specified time.  But with a smart thermostat, you can delay it by a couple of hours.  That is a couple of hours of not needing to heat your home.  Times that by four or five similar occasions when you are not going to be home when you thought you were during the month and it all adds up to big savings.

7 – Put on a jumper

If you are walking around your home in shorts and a t-shirt complaining that it is too cold – don’t turn the thermostat up, put on a jumper.

8 – Get a new boiler

If you have a new boiler (and by that, we mean a new boiler in the last few years) then you can ignore this point.  But if you have a boiler that is over ten years old then pay attention.  Yes, installing a new boiler does cost money but if you are going to be living in your home for a few more years then you can get a return on your investment because modern gas boilers are so efficient.

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We can’t tell you to put on a jumper but we can do a really good job of installing and servicing boilers. So if you know that your current boiler is costing you a small fortune then lets get it sorted.

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