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The benefits of smart controls for your central heating system

With so many smart heating control systems now available, you may be wondering, what are the benefits of such a system. Well at Wright Gas we are here to help answer any and all of your questions.  Starting with:

Energy Efficiency

A smart control system allows you to see the energy in your home and where it is going. It means you can target the specific devices in your home that use the most energy and only turn them on when needed so that you can save more on your energy bills. Smart controls have learning abilities which can learn the heating patterns in your home and create an appropriate schedule based around that.

Manage your heating from anywhere

You can control your boiler heating from anywhere as long as you have a smart phone.  That means that you can schedule or over ride you homes heating timers to adapt to your busy life.  So if you are away on holiday, working late or returning early on a wet, windy and cold Scottish day then you can turn the heat up or down dependent on what you want.

Responding to the weather

Picture the scene.  You are at work and it turns out the weather in glorious.  The weather report had said it was going to be cold and wet but it is the complete opposite.  In a home with a normal heating system, the boiler would come on regardless and when you returned you it would be like walking into an oven.  A smart control hub can turn the heating down a few degrees to save energy or if it is the opposite and really cold, it can crank the heating up a level.

Saving you money

The long and the short of it is that a smart control hub will save you money.  From reducing the amount of energy used in the house to controlling how it is used when the boiler is turned on.  So if you want to save money on your homes central heating bills, call us today.

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Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

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