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What time of year should I get new radiators fitted?

So you have made the decision that you need new radiators fitted.  The next questions is when is the best time to get them fitted.

Winter is understandably the busiest time for boiler installers such as ourselves as we spend our days repairing broken down boilers, servicing those that need a ‘tune up’ and installing new boilers because the old one had simply had enough.  It is obvious when you think about it.  Boilers are used more in winter therefore are more likely to go wrong.  Hence – we are very busy around then.

But in the summer, we spend a lot more of our time installing new boilers and replacing radiators.  Why?  Because during the warm summer months, it is a lot easier for a home to go without a boiler for a period of time.  In fact, if you have an electric shower, you might go a day or two at a time in the summer without your boiler even switching on.

when should I get new radiators fitted

So when it comes to replacing your homes radiators, it makes the most sense to change them when you need them the least.  Depending on how many radiators you need replaced, it can take a full day on average to drain the central heating system, remove and fit the new radiators, refill the system and then check everything over.  Of you are switching from old cast iron radiators that use different piping, it can understandably take longer.  Similarly, if you are repositioning the radiators to a different part of the room, we will have to install new piping which can add to the time.

So with so many variables to how long it can take to install and fit new radiators, it makes the most sense to get them changed during the warm summer months when you don’t need them.

The benefits of new radiators

You can save a huge amount of money on your monthly energy bills with new radiators.  High quality, energy efficient rads can reduce your energy consumption and see your gas bills go down.  Depending on what type of radiators you go for, you could see the new radiators pay for themselves in just a few years (depending on what radiators you are switching from and too.  For example, did you know that a modern aluminium radiator can reach its top temperature up to 5 times as fast as an older steel radiator?

So don’t delay and book Wright Gas today for a new radiator fitting service to get your home ready for winter early.

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