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A Whining Boiler Repair

We received a call from a new customer this week who lived in the West end of Glasgow. They had started hearing ‘spooky’ noises in their home.

After some investigation work, they discovered that the noise was coming from their Heatline Boiler.  It was making a fairly loud whining noise while it was running.  Suffice to say, all was not well and the boiler needed to be looked at by a professional.

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When we arrived at the home, we carried out an initial inspection of the boiler with the main focus obviously being on fixing the noise.  It turned out that there was a broken cartridge in the boiler diverter valve body.

A diverter valve device fitted to a combi boiler directs hot water into a heating system or a hot water system.  It is this valve that allows combi boilers to provide both central heating AND hot water without the need for a storage cylinder.  A fairly important part if we do say so ourselves.

While some Gas Engineers would call it a day at that, we always like to give boilers a once over while we are repairing them.  We always feel that if one thing has broken through fatigue then there might be other issues. Is the rest of the boiler a-okay?

It wasn’t.  We spotted the boiler seals had perished and needed replaced.  This is incredibly important because it is this seal that keeps the boiler flue gases within the boiler.

Modern gas boilers have to have by law, a Carbon Monoxide detector near by.  But if you haven’t had your boiler serviced in a long time, you may have forgotten to change the batteries on your monoxide detector as well. It is one of the main reasons we always advise our customers to get their boiler serviced yearly.  It means we can keep the boiler running at its optimum condition but just as importantly, it means we can spot and monitor issues like this which, if left unchecked can pose a massive risk to your health.

If we hadn’t spotted this, then over time the gas leak could have become a serious health hazard.

If your boiler has started making strange noises, don’t wait for it to get worse. Call the professionals.

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