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When someone installs a boiler flue incorrectly, we can put it Wright

We were called out to a commercial property to fix a boiler flue that another boiler installer had incorrectly fitted

At Wright Gas, we pride ourselves on an honest service that doesn’t cut corners and we install boilers the way they are supposed to be installed. But the same cannot be said for all boiler installers in Glasgow.

And that was the case with this job. We were called to a commercial premises by a landlord who uses us for their boiler maintenance contracts. It transpired however that one of their tenants had taken it upon themselves to use a boiler installer of their own to fit a new combi boiler to the property rather than go through the landlord.

So what was the problem

Upon initial inspection, it was clear that the boiler had a flue running in a void with no inspection hatches. This is a legal requirement so that the flue can be inspected. But there was more.

It also turned out the flue was not supported with clamps which it should be. This is a safety feature for a very good reason. If the flue had collapsed because of a lack of clamps, it could become a serious health hazard. And finally, the flue was running downhill when condensing boilers should ALWAYS run uphill. These are three things that a properly trained and qualified boiler installer would not do. The person who installed this boiler either cut corners or is not properly certified. Either way, they should not be installing boilers.

But there was more

The icing on the cake for this particular boiler install was that the boiler had not been serviced in a long time (if ever). So, because it had been badly installed and left unmaintained for so long, the trap was all choked up.

While a gas boiler is a brilliant piece of engineering, it is also a system that requires care, maintenance and above all, a clear focus on safety. Would you feel confident in driving a car that had not been serviced EVER and had the brakes replaced by a friend who was not qualified in car mechanics? Of course you wouldn’t. So why live in a home with a badly installed boiler?

To be a trained boiler installer, we have to be Gas Safe Registered. To be a Baxi Approved Boiler Installer, we have to fit at least 20 of their brand of boilers a year.

As we said at the beginning, we don’t cut corners, we follow the guidelines for boiler installations and we are fully Gas Safe and Baxi Approved. So if you are looking for a quality, recommended boiler installer in Scotland then call on Wright Gas today.

How much does a new boiler install cost?

As an example of how much a new boiler costs, at WrightGas(Scotland) Ltd, we can offer Combi boiler swaps for as little as £1200. And depending on what boiler you go for, it can come with up to 10 years in parts & Labour warranty!

Call Wright Gas today to get a quote for your new boiler install. Call 07746 942 768 today.

If you have suffered from a poorly installed boiler, put it right with WrightGas. Call WrightGas today on 07746 942 768.

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