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Interesting Facts about Boilers

It is Friday, the end of the week and we thought we would put together some interesting boiler facts for you because a) they are very interesting and b) after over a year of living in a pandemic, some of you may be struggling for new conversation topics and something is better than nothing.

New combi boilers have helped to change the image of boilers in homes from the old clanky systems that always broke down to new energy efficient and very quiet systems that are a lot more reliable.

But did you know that…

1- Boilers don’t actually boil water!

So a boiler could boil water but what would be the point? It would raise the temperature in your home to an uncomfortable level and cost you an arm and a leg in heating costs. A boiler heats the water in your central heating system to a comfortable level that will keep your home warm and your bath water just right.

2- Boilers recycle their water

A boiler uses a closed system. This means that the heated water can go around and around and any lasting heat energy in the water is easier and more cost effective to reheat than having to heat new fresh water.

3- Controlling the temperature will cut your energy bills

If you turn your homes thermostat down by as little as one degree you could be reducing your energy bills by almost 10%. In the classic ‘every little helps’ philosophy of savings, that 10% can really add up over the year.

4- Modern Combi Boilers are not very complex

Modern combi boilers work like this…Natural gas flows into a boiler and when to boiler turns on, a flame is ignited that heats the water in the pipes. The hot water gets pushed upwards to heat the rest of the home. Simple.

5- Modern Combi Boilers are better for the environment

A modern boiler system uses so little energy that they are helping to slow the depletion of natural gas reserves.

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