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How much does a boiler service cost?

While we offer different levels of boiler servicing, our standard boiler service costs just £65 +vat.

What does your standard boiler service cover?

Our standard boiler servicing package includes:

  • Pipework inspection
  • Inspection of boiler casing and casing seals
  • Cleaning Condensate Trap
  • Removal of Combustion panel
  • Clean spark electrode (if required)
  • Clean flame rectification probe (if required)
  • Clean burner
  • Clean combustion chamber
  • Check flue
  • Test Burner Pressure to ensure an efficient gas burn
  • Test flue gases to ensure an efficient burn
  • Check the Gas Rate
  • Cleaning of the magnetic filter (if already fitted)


Why is it important to have my boiler serviced?

The easy answer is that it gives you peace of mind. Your boiler works its hardest over the winter months and that is exactly when you do NOT want your boiler to break down. Having your gas boiler serviced in the build up to Autumn and Winter helps give you peace of mind that it should run smoothly and reliably.

Beyond the peace of mind however, there are lots of very good reasons to consider having your boiler serviced annually. These include the efficiency gains. Having your boiler checked over means that it will be running smoothly and efficiently through the winter and that will help keep your energy bills low. And while all boilers make some level of noise while they are operating, a boiler that has not been taken care of can actually become quite noisy, suffering from shakes, rattles and something called ‘kettling’ which is caused by air in the system.

While a cars MOT is required for a car to be allowed on the roads, most motorists also have their car serviced at the same time because they want to make sure that their car is running in ‘tip top’ shape. Yet your homes gas boiler is a vital part of keeping your home warm during the cold winter weather (and it can get very cold at Winter across Renfrewshire and Ayrshire) and producing hot water.

Five reasons to get your boiler serviced every year

1 – It will save you money on your energy bills

As we have mentioned, a boiler service will keep your boiler running efficiently and smoothly getting you more ‘bang for your buck’. As part of your service, we carry out necessary checks to ensure that the boiler is running efficiently. How old your boiler is and what brand your boiler is from obviously dictates how much of an improvement a boiler service can have on your energy bills but a well serviced boiler will be a smoother and more efficient boiler.

2 – Safety

Nearly 5,000 people a year are taken to A&E in the UK because of carbon monoxide poisoning. The symptoms, ranging from dizziness to nausea, breathlessness and loss of consciousness can all be cause because of carbon monoxide. While laws dictate that your boiler has a carbon monoxide detector next to it, if you haven’t been getting your boiler serviced regularly, then the simple question is ‘when did you last change the batteries on your carbon monoxide detector?’ Having your boiler serviced is a safe step to protect you and your family.

3 – A boiler service can spot problems early

While your boiler is rarely used for heating the home during the summer months, it is still getting used regularly for hot water. So your boiler may actually have a problem but it simply hasn’t been noticed yet because you have not been using it for long enough. A boiler serviced annually can help to spot a potential problem before it causes a serious situation. And it means that we can repair your boiler at a convenient time rather than in the depths of another winter storm with sub zero outside temperatures to contend with.

4 – A small repair job is cheaper than a whole new boiler.

In the point above, we said that an annual boiler service can help spot problems early. An extension of that is that by spotting them early, it can be a small and cheap fix whereas if the problem is left to develop, it can actually require a completely new boiler install. We have dealt with boiler repair jobs where there has been so much long term damage caused to the internals of a boiler simply because a small leak had not been spotted early that it required a complete replacement unit.

5 – If your boiler is under warranty then it needs to be serviced

If you have a new boiler then it will still be within the manufacturer warranty window. But that warranty is only valid as long as the boiler is serviced annually. The small cost of a boiler service to keep your warranty valid could prove invaluable as/when/if something does go wrong with it in the future (still within the warranty window).

Whether you have a Baxi Boiler, Potterton, Vaillant or any of the other manufacturers that we can work on, you can call on Wright Gas for your boiler servicing knowing that you are getting qualified, certified and trusted gas engineers in Renfrewshire and the West Coast of Scotland who can perform a quality service at a competitive price. Call Wright Gas today on 07746 942 768.

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