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How much does a new boiler cost in 2021?

How long is a piece of string? That is the same answer you frequently get when it comes to the question ‘How much does a new boiler cost?’

The reason that the answer to this question can have so many variations is purely down to the different options of boiler, the cost difference between the brands and whether you are looking for a straight swap new boiler install or whether it requires new gas pipes being built in and a repositioning of the boiler location.

An easy answer we can give you however is to do with the benefits that a new boiler brings. It reduces your energy bills, offers improved and faster performance while being kinder to the environment.

But the real question you want to know is how much does a new boiler cost.

At Wright Gas, we are a Baxi approved boiler installer. So we can use them as a good basis to answer that question.

We can offer Baxi Combi boiler swap installation for as little as £1200. A Baxi boiler comes with a 10 years in parts & Labour warranty which is a nice thing to consider.

There are cheap boiler install options beyond Baxi. But we will always advise you on the different options based on what you specifically are looking for. We are using the Baxi new boiler cost example above because we are an approved Baxi Boiler installer in your area.

What does a Baxi Approved Installer really mean?

This means that we are regarded in the highest level of membership by Baxi themselves and are approved by Baxi as gas engineers in our area to install their new boilers. But it isn’t as simple as filling out a form to become a Baxi Boiler Installer.

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Baxi themselves have strict guidelines for local boiler installers to follow. To be ‘eligible’ to be a local boiler installer approved by Taxi, we must install at least 20 Baxi new boilers every 12 working months. This isn’t about fulfilling a quota. This is to ensure that we have the relevant knowledge and working experience of their boiler models, how they work and the best way of installing a new boiler made by Baxi.

Along with the experience of fitting new boilers locally, we must also attend a Baxi organised training course once every two years. We must also hold public liability insurance and hold a valid Gas Safe Certificate.

By following these guidelines, we are proudly one of Baxis’ approved boiler installers in Renfrewshire and Paisley.

The benefits of using Wright Gas as your local boiler installer

The benefits of using WrightGas for your new Baxi boiler install goes beyond just our experience and knowledge of their Boiler system. With an extended 10 year warranty that covers both parts and labour, you can have peace of mind that your boiler will be running in optimum condition for the many winters to come. And IF something does go wrong with your Baxi boiler, then you are completely covered for the full length of the warranty with Baxi who would arrange to come out and fix your boiler with no charge incurred to yourself whatsoever.

At Wright Gas, we cover everything from combi boilers to regular boilers as well as any additional extras that you need from your local boiler installer.

To find out more about the costs of a new boiler and to chat about the process of getting a new boiler installed in your home, please call or text us.

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