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Radiator BTU Calculator

Choosing the right radiator is a two step process.  Firstly you pick the look/style of the radiator.  From vertical radiators to period ‘cast iron’ looking designs; the options are endless. Then you need to figure out what size of radiator you need and the BTU you need to create a warm, inviting room that will heat your home efficiently while keeping your gas bills in check.

calculating radiator BTU

What does BTU mean?

BTU stands for British Thermal Units.  This is the unit rating which a radiator efficiency is measured.  When determining what size of radiator a room needs, we take into account factors including the overall size of the room, how many and how large the windows in the room are.  What the wall materials are made from and even how many of the walls are ‘outside walls’.

By using a BTU Calculator, we can determine the heat requirements for a room.

So what is a BTU?

A BTU is based on the cubic volume of space in a room.  The height, length and the width of a room x4.  Using mathematical formula, we can calculate the anticipated heat loss of a room in your home and provide an accurate BTU output to ensure that the space is heated efficiently.

How do I calculate the BTU for a room?

The best way to calculate the BTU needed for a room is by putting your trust in us.  As a Gas Safe Registered Heating Engineer who is both Which Trusted AND Baxi Installer Approved, we can advise you on the BTU needed to keep your home warm and toasty and whether this can (and should) be done with one radiator, two or more.

Why is this so important?  Can I not just fit a radiator and move on?

Meeting a rooms required BTU is incredibly important.  If you fit a radiator that does not produce enough BTU for a room then that room will never reach its optimum temperature.  However if you pick a radiator that produces too much BTU then your energy bills will go up needlessly.

Find out more

If you would like to find out more about what is required when it comes to fitting new radiators then all you need to do is get in touch.  We are happy to advise you on everything and anything when it comes to fitting new radiators, replacing old radiators and meeting the correct BTU for rooms in your home.


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