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Radiator Fitting and Installation

Whether you are looking to have a new radiator added to your existing central heating system or are wanting to replace an existing radiator, we are your local boiler engineers for all things central heating – including of course radiators.

How much does it cost to have a new radiator fitted?

How long is a piece of string? It really depends on what size of radiator you need, what style of radiator you want and what piping you currently have laid out in your home. If for example you are wanting to move a radiator position from under the window to fixed to a wall on the other side of the room, we would need to fit new piping. If you wanted to upgrade from a standard radiator to a fancy designer option, then the cost of the radiator has to be considered.

When you consider how many variables there are, we always have to provide a bespoke quote for you dependent on your needs. But a standard radiator replacement for replacing a mid sized radiator for a similar version would be £80 plus VAT. To get a quote for your new radiators to be fitted, please call us today.

What are the benefits of having new radiators fitted?

Radiator technology has come a long way in the last 15-20 years. Modern radiators are smaller yet more energy efficient and can emit more heat. They are more efficiently designed with superior internal water channeling. What that means is that more of the hot water that passes through the radiator comes into contact with the metal of the radiator. Less hot water is required but more heat energy is released.

If your homes radiators are older than 20 years then a big benefit to your homes heating system and energy bills would be to have new radiators fitted.

When you are considering having a new boiler installed, having your radiators replaced at the same time can be a clever step to take.

What is wrong with my homes old radiators?

The older a radiator is, the more corrosion it will have suffered from internally over the years. A build up of the iron oxide rust will settle at the bottom of your radiator, reducing its energy output. We can of course fix this by carrying out a powerflush of your homes heating system and introducing a chemical inhibitor.

Older radiators can leak and are less energy efficient than modern radiators.  And the older a radiator is, the more likely it is that it has been painted over.  This will lower the heat output of a radiator even further.

If you are worried about replacing your period cast iron radiators and loosing that air of tradition in a room, there are countless modern radiators that look great yet keep to the period look and style.

Does that mean there is lots of choice when it comes to new radiator styles?

Absolutely. There is a huge choice of radiator styles. From common horizontal radiators to popular vertical radiators. There are chrome heated tower rails, flat surface designs. Even ones fitted with mirrors that are an ideal solution for your bathroom. Whatever size, style, colour or finish you are looking for, there is a radiator to match it.

And they can all be fitted by your local gas heating engineer Wright Gas. Call today to find out more.

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