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Radiator maintenance tips for the summer

If you neglect your car (for example); and don’t wash it, service it or treat it with care then you should not be surprised as and when it lets you down.

In the same way, if you do not service and maintain your homes central heating system then it is more likely to fail you when you need it the most (and while we may be enjoying a nice heatwave in Scotland, we should not forget how cold the winter months can be).

radiator maintenance tips for the summer

And taking care of your central heating system is not just reserved for the winter months. We tend to use our central heating system less in the summer and while your boiler and radiators should be checked over every 12 months, the best time to do it is in the summer. Boiler Installer and Servicing Contractors like ourselves are more readily available in the summer months (simply because a lot of people don’t think about their boilers over summer.) and in the winter we are generally rushing from emergency to emergency.

But while having your central heating system serviced by a professional is nice, there are some things that you can do yourself. So here is some common maintenance tips to carry out on you homes radiators to keep them working nicely during the quieter months of the year.

Bleed your radiators

It is a very easy job that lets any air out of the system that may have been trapped at the top of a radiator over time. This air pocket in a radiator reduces the efficiency of the radiators so if you have noticed over the winter months that the radiators in your home have not been performing as well as normal….this could be the reason.

Adjust the radiator valves

So as summer begins, you may have turned the radiator valves down as the room got hotter quicker. But leaving them in this low setting (or even off) can actually cause them to stick so change the heating setting on the vales. The heating will be off so you won’t be getting really hot from high radiator temperatures and when September and the colder months of the year roll in, the valves won’t be stuck shut.

Briefly turn on your heating

Every few weeks during the summer, simply turn on the heating for about 15 minutes. It lets the system heat up and run through its cycle and then you can turn it all off again. One of the biggest problems with boilers breaking down is due to inactivity and this can easily be reduced if you switch your boiler on once a month or so.

Find out more

At Wright Gas, we want to build long lasting relationships with our customers. And that is why we are always happy to offer friendly heating advise and tips. If you would like to know more about maintenance tips for y our homes central heating system or have your boiler services in the warmer summer months then call us today.

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