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Radiator Valves Guide

When it comes to fitting a new radiator in your home you may be overly consumed about what style, shape and colour of radiator to go for.

But one thing that you should not overlook and is very important for the ongoing heating of your home is the radiator valves.

Most radiators do not come with valves fitted which is why it can be overlooked.

Why do radiators not come with valves?

Pipework is not always the same for every home. Considering how old some of the houses in Renfrewshire are, it is little surprise that heating system pipe sizes differ through the different generation of houses in the West Coast. Also, with so much choice in radiator style, it is better that your radiator does not come fitted with valves. This was, you get to pick and choose the styles that suit you.

Even the angle and direction of the pipework and valve positions can be customised for your homes decor.

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So what does a radiator valve do?

A radiator valve is effectively a tap and come in pairs. One is to adjust the amount of water that enters the radiator. The other to adjust the temperature.

What styles do radiator valves come in?

In a nutshell, they come in traditional, minimalist and modern styles. So if you are looking for that vintage period look to match your sandstone Victorian home then you need not worry that your homes decor will be hampered by basic plastics. Likewise if you live in a modern home and want to add some contemporary style elements, there are loads of modern designs to choose from.

With so many radiator manufacturers and valve suppliers, it can be a bit of a minefield to navigate but we do carry a range of brochures with us and can advise you on everything and anything you need to know.

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