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Should I get a combi boiler?

Whether it is in the summer or the winter, there is never an ideal time fora boiler to break down. Obviously your boiler is in higher demand in the winter but even if it breaks down in the summer, it can still deny you a good soak in the bath.

And when you’re boiler breaks down and is simply uneconomical or unviable to repair, the next big headache to deal with is what kind of boiler to replace it with.

You have so many brands to choose from but you also have different styles of boiler to choose from. You may have heard about Combi Boilers in the past so the big question is ‘is a combi boiler right for my home?’

Quick Boiler Type Overview

There are three main types of boiler avaiable. A conventional, system and combi boiler.
Conventional boilers include cold water and a hot water tank. Conventional boilers are pretty big and need more space. It makes them ideal and popular for larger homes.

System Boilers are simialr but don’t need the cold water tanks and take up a lot less space.

But combi boilers have not tanks. They give you hot water on demand as and when you turn the hot tap on. It is compact and will easily store in a standard kitchen cupboard.

Why Combi Boilers are a great choice

Combi Boilers are a great investment. They are small and compact so it can free up space in your home. They are also very energy efficient with up to 90% efficiency (and it is improving all the time).

If you are switching from a conventional boiler system, there will be additional pipework that is required so the cost of switching to a combi boiler will be slightly different but if you are planning on doing some refurbishment to your home this summer, it is the best time to get it done as well.

A combi boiler will give your home more space, it will give you hot water on demand, it will lower your energy bills and it will be a more reliable system. Baxi boilers (for example) come with a parts and labour manufacturers warranty of 10 years!

So if you are considering switching to a combi boiler then call Wright Gas today. We are a highly recommended local boiler installer that is Gas Safe Registered and a Which Trusted Trader.

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