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The history of Ideal Boilers

Ideal Boilers (aka Ideal Heating as they are now better known as) are a heating brand that has over a century worth of history behind it.

Ideal Heating History

Ideal Boilers were founded in 1906 and in over 100 years, they have delivered all manner of boiler heating systems and pioneering high-efficiency technologies.

The story of Ideal Heating

1920s – Their freestanding stove combined an open fire with central heating boiler system and helped introduce central heating to a huge number of lower cost homes in the UK.

Mid 1930s – Introducing style to back up the function. Ideal Boilers started coming in a range of matte colours (grey, green or brown).

1940s – The No.3 Boiler contained a gas relay control valve and thermostat with chromium plated copper tube connections which was pretty advanced at the time. The Ideal Boilers of the mid 1940’s also contained heat indicators.

1950s – The Autocrat Boiler was Ideal Heatings compact boiler that was pre assembled ready for installation. Fitted with thermostatic controls and operated by a control knob, this was pushing the technology of home central heating further than ever before.

1960s – Electronic control boxes were now becoming a common feature on Ideal Boilers. The ‘Elite’ model designed for larger homes with its control box allowed the homeowner fully automatic operation of the boilers heating for both comfort and economy purposes.

1970s – In the 1970s, Ideal Boilers introduced the ‘Concord’ boiler which became one of the best selling boilers of the decade and helped Ideal establish a lasting reputation for quality, reliability and excellence in engineering.

1980s – As electronic systems advanced so to did the technology of the boilers using them. The Sprint Boiler rang used a fan assisted gas combination system with advanced controls that allowed the owner to choose from a range of heating functions.

1990s – By the 90s boilers were really starting to resemble the style that we know of today. The Classic SE for example was an evolution of the tried and tested boiler system being offered by Ideal but with unheard of levels of reliability due to a simple design and clever engineering.

2000s – By the end of the decade, the ‘Logic’ range of Ideal Heating Boilers has notched up multiple awards and was a popular choice in homes because the practical, compact design could fit easily into any standard kitchen cupboard.

2010s – Using modern technology and high quality parts, the Vogue Gen 2 Boiler came fitted with a 3.5″ colour screen and was engineered with quality front and centre.

The Future – While nobody can predict the future, it is a safe assumption that Ideal will add to the 100+ years of manufacturing it has behind it.

ideal boilers in Scotland

At Wright Gas, we can install, service and repair Ideal Boilers for home owners across the West Coast of Scotland.

If you want a quality, reliable boiler then Ideal is a good option.
If you want a quality, reliable heating engineer then Wright Gas is a great option!

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