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The History of Vaillant Boilers

A simple google of the most popular boiler brands in the UK will tell you that Vaillant is one of the top 5 brands.

But who are Vaillant, what kind of quality and history do they have behind the name?

Vaillant is actually one of the oldest manufacturers of central heating systems currently sold in the UK.  Their history dates back to 1874 when the company was founded.  The name Vaillant comes from the founder Johann Vaillant and since the first day in the factory in Remscheid, Germany, the company has developed into one of the market leaders in heating (and ventilation) systems.

Vaillant are actually the creators of the ‘Closed System’ heater where water is heated by a gas flame as it flows through a closed pipe.  This was all the way back in 1894.

The Vaillant logo has used a bunny since Easter 1899 and while various brands have used rabbits and bunnies to great effect (selling batteries springs to mind), in the heating world, it is the most well known bunny in all of heating.

Up until the mid 20s, rooms had to be heated individually with stoves or fireplaces.  In 1924 Vaillant revolutionised home heating with  a central heating boiler that allowed for the first time, several radiators to be heated by one central heating system.

More revolutionary ideas and developments would continue through the years but the next big moment came in 1967 when Vaillant created their first Combi Boiler.  The Combi-Geyser VCW 20.

Vaillant Combi Boilers

This new boiler helped Vaillant grow across Europe and by the 70s, they had branches in Holland, Austria, Belgium France, Scotland, England, Wales and Italy. By 1972 they had hit 8 million units!

As the 90s rolled in, Vaillant began turning its attention to more eco friendly solutions and in 1995 launched their first wall hung boiler that helped cement the brand as a pioneer in environmentally friendly technology.  Two years later, they introduced solar thermal heating system for domestic hot water.  Just before the end of the century, Vaillant celebrated their 125th anniversary, received the German Quality Award and hit 40 million boiler sales.

Since the turn of the century, Vaillant has gone from strength to strength, expanding into the Asian market, acquiring targeted brands to increase their portfolio and crucially, developing new, innovative and eco friendly heating solutions.

In 2020, Vaillant launched a new generation of heat pumps using natural gas R290 and as they head into the future, they continue to grow, to innovate and to deliver quality boilers for domestic use.

At Wright Gas, we have worked on Vaillant boilers for many years and are perfectly placed to provide a new Vaillant boiler install, repair or maintenance service for you.  Call today to discuss your requirements and to find out more about how Wright Gas can fit your new Vaillant boiler.


Image by Hands off my tags! Michael Gaida from Pixabay

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