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What to do when you have no hot water!

When your homes hot water supply suddenly stops, only then do you start to realise how much you rely on it for everyday living.

So what do you do when your hot water stops working? There are a few simple checks you can carry out yourself to help narrow down the possible reasons as to why your hot water is off.

1 – A Power Cut.

You may think this is a daft suggestion. Of course you would be able to tell if the hot water is out because of a power cut. But the truth is that if the power cut happens during daylight hours and you have not been using a plugged in electrical device, you can actually go quite a while without realising that you have had a power cut. A simply ‘on/off’ switching of your lights etc will help to confirm whether or not you have had a power cut. And of course if you have no power then your boiler will be off. Hence…no hot water. If you have had a power cut, you can use SP Energy and their postcode lookup or call their emergency number using this link >>>

2 – Check the thermostat.

Not everyone has a combi boiler which means that hot water is not an instant/whenever you want it affair. If you have a hot water storage tank then you will be used to when you should have hot water and when you don’t. So if, for example you usually have hot water at 5pm and for some reason there is no hot water despite it being 5pm then another thing you can check is the thermostat. Someone in the house may have turned it down or knocked it by accident. The thermostat may have stopped working properly and is not ‘talking’ to the boiler anymore. So check to see if the thermostat is working properly.

3 – Check some other taps in the house.

Before you point the finger at the boiler being the problem, quickly check to see if your homes other hot taps are working or not. If it is an isolated issue with the first tap you tried then at least you relax a bit knowing that you have hot water in some capacity. If the problem is the same with every tap however…..then you most likely have an issue with your boiler.

What to do next

If you don’t have a power cut. If the thermostat is working as it should and all the hot taps in the house are not working then the next step is to call a local boiler heating engineer. At WrightGas, we are a local, reliable boiler repair company. As a Which Trusted Trader and Baxi Approved Installer, you can call us with confidence knowing that we will get the job done for you.

Or business has been built up by referrals, recommendations and testimonials. We take pride in the work that we do and we want to deliver time and time again for our customers. And that is why our tagline is simply ‘Gas done the Wright way!

Call WrightGas today on 07746 942 768.

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