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Boiler Maintenance, Repairs & Installs in Bridge of Weir

Boiler Repairs in Bridge of Weir

We are Wright Gas, and Bridge of Weir isn’t just another area that we cover in Renfrewshire. It is also our home.

It means that we truly can call ourselves s local boiler repair company. Because when your boiler breaks down, you want a local, experienced and qualified gas boiler engineer to get your boiler fixed.

One of our ‘unique selling points’ at Wright Gas is the diverse range of boilers that we can work on. We are one of the few boiler repair companies in Renfrewshire that can work on boiler repairs on all the top brands of boiler. You would be amazed how often we get calls from panicked home owners who’s boiler broke down and when their repair man finally turned up, they simply said they don’t work on that kind of boiler. At Wright Gas, we work on over 15 of the top brands from Ideal Boilers to Vaillant Boilers and all the brands in between. With hundreds of hours of boiler repair and install experience with these brands, we can confidently repair your broken boiler and get your homes central heating system working again.

You can call on Wright Gas for your broken boiler repairs because we are a reliable, local gas engineer based in Bridge of Weir and we will not let you down when it comes to boiler repairs!

Call Wright Gas today on 07746 942 768 to book a call out for your boiler repair.

Boiler Servicing in Bridge of Weir

We will continue to advise our customers that the very best way to try and reduce the chances of their homes boiler breaking down is to keep it running smoothly. And the best way to achieve that is by getting it serviced every year.

Did you know?

While new boilers do come with warranties, these warranties are only valid if you keep up regular servicing of your boiler.

What if my boiler doesn’t have a warranty?

For homeowners whose boilers are outside of a warranty window, we advise that having them properly serviced and maintained on an annual basis is especially important. Why you ask? For a number of reasons. If you live in an older style home (which there are a fair few of in Bridge of Weir) then your radiators may literally be rusting from the inside. These rust particles that form on the inside of your radiator (called Iron Oxide), can clog up your Combi-boiler, causing it to work inefficiently before having the equivalent of a boiler heart attack.

The human body requires regular exercise and healthy eating in order to be healthy. A boiler needs regular servicing and for the radiator system to be flushed out to remove rust and iron particles that can cause blockages.

So keep your boiler healthy with our boiler maintenance service for our customers locally in Bridge of Weir.

If you would like to know more about our boiler maintenance services, please call Wright Gas today on 07746 942 768.

New Boiler Installs in Bridge of Weir

While regular boiler maintenance is the best way to extend the life of your boiler and help reduce the chances of it breaking down, there will always come a time when your old boiler has passed the point where it is financially viable and environmentally acceptable to keep it going. When your old, inefficient boiler has finally passed the point of being repaired and serviced. Now is the time to fit a new boiler. A new boiler install can save you money in reduced monthly energy bills and beyond the reduced cost savings, you can also enjoy a quieter boiler with better operating performance.

If you have decided that now is the time to replace your old boiler and want to discuss the costs of a new boiler install, what is involved in the installation process and of course to get a quote for a new boiler for your home in Bridge of Weir, please call Wright Gas today on 07746 942 768.

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