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Boiler Maintenance, Repairs & Installs in Elderslie

Just down the road from Glasgow airport, Elderslie is a beautiful village in Renfrewshire that we cover for all boiler services.

Boiler Repairs in Elderslie

From noisy boilers to ones that have completely shut down, we can repair them all. We are a Which Trusted Trader and have hundreds of hours of boiler repair work on the top 15 brands of boiler available in Scotland. It means that we can confidently say that we are able to repair your broken down boiler as long as parts are still available.

Because boilers are consistently becoming more and more advanced and efficient, older boiler parts become harder to get hold of. If you have an older boiler that has broken down, it may not be a case of ‘can we fix it’ but more ‘can we get replacement parts to fix what is wrong with it’. As an experienced boiler repair company, we always take the honest and open approach so that you as the customer can make the best decision for you and your combi boiler.

Call Wright Gas today on 07746 942 768 to book a call out for your boiler repair.

Boiler Servicing in Elderslie

The easiest way to keep your boiler running smoothly is to have it serviced annually from an experienced and qualified gas engineer. This will help reduce the chances of your boiler breaking down and ensuring that it runs efficiently, to keep your monthly gas bills down.

What is involved in an annual boiler service?

  • Tightness test
  • Pipework inspection
  • Inspection of boiler casing and casing seals
  • Cleaning Condensate Trap
  • Removal of Combustion panel
  • Clean spark electrode
  • Clean flame rectification probe
  • Clean burner
  • Clean combustion chamber
  • Check for obstructions in flue
  • Test Burner Pressure to ensure an efficient gas burn
  • Test flue gases to ensure an efficient burn
  • Check the Gas Rate
  • Cleaning of the magnetic filter (if already fitted)

If you would like to know more about boiler maintenance in Elderslie, please call Wright Gas today on 07746 942 768.

New Boiler Installs in Elderslie

A new combi gas boiler is not actually as expensive as you may think. And it is true what they say; the long term benefits of a new gas boiler greatly outweigh the initial cost and investment of having a new boiler fitted.

At Wright Gas (Scotland) Ltd, we can offer Combi boiler swaps for as little as £1200. And depending on what boiler you go for, it can come with up to 10 years in parts & Labour warranty!

We are a Baxi approved boiler installer but with real working experience of over 15 of the top brands of boiler on the market, we can advise you on what boiler is right for you, your type of home and how you intend to use the boiler.

If you want to discuss the costs of a new boiler install specifically for your home in Elderslie and find out what is involved in the installation process of a new boiler, please call Wright Gas today on 07746 942 768.

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