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Boiler Maintenance, Repairs & Installs in Wemyss Bay

Boiler repairs and new boiler installations in Wemyss Bay

There is no such thing as ‘the right time’ for a boiler to break down and considering that boiler use is at its highest during winter, its pretty much a guarantee that your boiler will break down when the weather in Wemyss Bay is cold, wet and windy. We are WrightGas, a local gas engineer that provides reliable, affordable gas boiler repairs in Wemyss Bay.

We are fully Gas Certified, a Baxi Boiler Approved Installer and a Which Trusted Trader. It all adds up to a local boiler repair company that you can trust.

While some boiler repair companies can only work on a few of the top brand boilers, we have real working experience of SIXTEEN boiler brands. So whether you have a Worcester Bosch Boiler that has a faulty thermostat or a Vokera Boiler that has shut down and flashing error codes at you, we can repair it all.

We are a reliable, local gas engineer in Wemyss Bay and we will not let you down when it comes to boiler repairs. So if you have a boiler that has broken down then call WrightGas today on 07746 942 768 to book a call out for your boiler repair.

Boiler Maintenance in Wemyss Bay

While we can’t predict when a boiler will break down, one way that we can help to reduce the chance of it happening is by taking care of our boiler. And by that, we mean having it serviced and maintained regularly. While pretty much all new boilers come with manufacturer warranties, these warranties are only valid if you keep up regular servicing of the boiler based on the manufacturers guidelines.

For boilers that are outside of a warranty window, having them properly serviced and maintained is especially important. Why you ask? For a number of reasons. If you live in an older style home in Wemyss Bay then your homes radiators could be literally rusting from the inside (based on the assumption that your homes radiators are the homes original ones). Inside your old radiator, all these rust particles can clog up a boiler, causing it to work inefficiently. Think of it lke the human heart. If the boiler (heart) gets all clogged up with junk, it can have the equivelant of a boiler heart attack and shutting down. Like the human body needs regular exercise and healthy eating, a boiler needs regular servicing and maintenance. And to help reduce the clogging, the radiator system to be flushed out to help remove rust and iron particles that can cause blockages.

This is all part of our boiler maintenance service for our customers in Wemyss Bay.

If you would like to know more about boiler maintenance in your area, please call WrightGas today on 07746 942 768.

New Boiler Installs in Wemyss Bay

While boiler maintenance services is a great way of extending the life of your boiler and helping to prevent it breaking down, there will always come a time when your homes old boiler has clearly had enough. Rather than waiting for your old boiler to break down in the depths of another Scottish Winter, you can take action and replace it with a new and energy efficient boiler. They can save you so much in reduced monthly energy bills that they will pay for themsevles in a couple of years (give or take).

But beyond the reduced cost savings, what other advantages are there to having a new boiler fitted? Well a new boiler is quieter. This can be a big plus point for homes in Wemyss Bay where the boiler is located in the kitchen or near a heavily used room in the home. They are also faster to produce their heat and hot water so you are not left standing by the kitchen sink for what seems like half an hour running the hot tap just to get some luke warm water. Lovely hot water from a new combi boiler will have you enjoying long soakes in the bath more often.

And finally, they are more energy efficient and by that we mean they produce more energy from the gas fuel and are therefore kinder to the environment.

If you want to discuss the costs of a new boiler install, discuss the brands of boiler and what would suit your heating needs, what is involved in the installation process and of course to get a quote for a new boiler in Wemyss Bay postcode area, please call WrightGas today on 07746 942 768.

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