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Why your boiler is at risk this summer

It may seem like a dark introduction to an article but during the summer months, when your boiler has become an after thought, this is actually the time when faults can develop.

We all naturally assume that boiler repairs are needed during winter months. But the cause of a breakdown can often be traced back to the months of low level use during the summer.

Boilers are designed to run regularly and in a country like Scotland where the West Coast can often and regularly dip below minus degrees, they are required to run consistently through the day and night.

So in the summer months when a boiler is not running that often (or at all), problems can be hidden and build up to catastrophic results.

To avoid damaging your boiler, you should leave it on during the summer. If you are the kind of person who relies purely on electric showers for hot water during the summer, you may turn the boiler off completely. Don’t! Just turn the thermostat down and let the boiler run through its various programmes to keep it running at optimum levels for you as winter approaches.

What kind of problems can a boiler suffer from during summer inactivity?

Boiler Pumps are a common problem. A stuck pump will prevent water from flowing through the boiler.

Air can build up in side the heating system in your home and cause kettling, inefficient heating of radiators and increased stress on the boilers pump system.

Seizing can often happen on boilers that are located in certain conditions and have not been serviced properly.

What not to do if your boiler breaks down in the summer

Don’t panic. This is not an emergency call out and in the heat of the summer, you can survive without your boiler working for a few days.

What you should do

The summer is a great time to have your boiler serviced, your radiators bled and the whole central heating system checked over.

If you are worried about your boiler developing faults over the summer then call us today. You will always find honest, valuable advise. We want to build long lasting relationships with our customers and know that the best way of doing that is by giving honest and fair advise at a fair price.

To find out more, please call us today.

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