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An efficient, serviced boiler is still the very best way to heat a home in the cold winter months. But it still surprises us how many home owners did not know that they should be having what is called a strip down boiler service every 5 to 6 years.

While an annual boiler service is an invaluable way of keeping your homes combi boiler running smoothly and efficiently and something that we will always advise our customers to have done. Due to the natural wear and tear of these central heating systems, the heat erosion caused within internal spark/electrode/flame sensing devices etc, a full strip down service is actually required every 5+ years to ensure that the boiler is in tip top shape.

Yet despite it being recommended to explain to customers when a new boiler is being installed, not many home owners know this and understandably think that all they need is to have a yearly boiler service (which a lot of people do simply to keep their warranty valid).

So what does a boiler strip down include?

  • We isolate and drain down the boiler.
  • We recharge the boilers internal expansion vessel.
  • We remove and clean boilers condensate trap.
  • We remove the boiler’s fan and gas valve assembly.
  • We remove and replace the boiler’s spark electrode/flame sensing device.
  • We clean the main heat exchanger and replace the main heat exchanger seal.
  • We refit the boiler’s fan and gas valve assembly.
  • We refill the boiler.
  • We check the boilers electric wiring and fuse rating.
  • We run the boiler through a series of manufacturer required checks.
  • We run the boiler through operational tests.
  • We issue a boiler service certificate.

This week we were conducting a boiler strip down service on a Baxi 105E in Saltcoats which is at least 15-20 years old.  The new home owner wanted a strip down service so that when they had moved into the property, they felt safe in the knowledge that the boiler fitted in the home was in peak condition for the winter ahead.


baxi boiler installer

Who are Baxi?

Baxi are part of a larger business called BDR Thermea who are one of the largest manufacturers of domestic and commercial heating systems in Europe.

With an annul turnover of over €1.2 billion (with a B) and employing nearly 7,000 people.  They are a big fish in the heating world.  Baxi themselves are one of the brands operated by BDR Thermea and have production facilities and training centres across the UK.

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