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Fixing a boiler that hasn’t been serviced in a long time

Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) is a life saving technique used to bring back people in an emergency. But this week, we were doing some CPR to an old Esprit Ideal Combi Boiler that has not had a service in a very very long time.

A boiler service is always advisable and if you have a new boiler then if you want to keep the warranty active then you need to have it serviced every year. But it is not a trick from local boiler installers to take money from you. It is an important safety and reliability check. In the same way that you get your car serviced to make sure it is working safely, you should get your boiler checked. After all, while gas combi boilers are amazingly efficient heating systems, they still rely on gas and the concern of carbon monoxide poisoning should never be overlooked.

But despite our recommendations that a boiler be serviced annually, this Esprit model Ideal Boiler has never had a full strip down service in its entire existence. All those winters of working tirelessly, building up junk in the radiators and collecting build up inside the inner boiler workings. It is little wonder that it finally decided that enough is enough.

So we have been repairing this Ideal Boiler and replacing some old parts of the system that have perished due to a lack of service. We cleaned the heat exchanger and Spark Electrode Leads along with a full service.

Now you may be thinking that this lack of servicing has meant the owner has actually saved money in the long run. You would be wrong. A boiler service with Wright Gas is only £65. The cost of repairing this boiler, combined with the increased energy costs because the boiler was running inefficiently meant that the boiler repair, combined with the extra monthly gas bill meant that they were paying a lot more.

What does your standard boiler service cover?

Our standard boiler servicing package includes:

  • Pipework inspection
  • Inspection of boiler casing and casing seals
  • Cleaning Condensate Trap
  • Removal of Combustion panel
  • Clean spark electrode (if required)
  • Clean flame rectification probe (if required)
  • Clean burner
  • Clean combustion chamber
  • Check flue
  • Test Burner Pressure to ensure an efficient gas burn
  • Test flue gases to ensure an efficient burn
  • Check the Gas Rate
  • Cleaning of the magnetic filter (if already fitted)

Beyond the peace of mind however, there are lots of very good reasons to consider having your boiler serviced annually. These include the efficiency gains. Having your boiler checked over means that it will be running smoothly and efficiently through the winter and that will help keep your energy bills low. And while all boilers make some level of noise while they are operating, a boiler that has not been taken care of can actually become quite noisy, suffering from shakes, rattles and something called ‘kettling’ which is caused by air in the system.

Find out more

A boiler service is not very expensive and can go a long way to making sure your boiler runs smoothly, efficiently and runs far more reliably than it would do otherwise.

To book a boiler service and get your boiler working in peak condition, call us today.

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