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A leaking relief pipe

We always advise that customers keep an eye on their boilers on a regular basis.  Checking the pressure, bleeding the radiators etc.

But that is sadly not what this customer did.  As you can see, the relief valve has been leaking for some time.

leaking relief pipe


The problem wasn’t reported to the landlord until it was far too late as staining has now created an eye sore on the side of the building.

The issue with the boiler was caused because the filling loop was left open.  This, over time caused issues with the expansion vessel and the pressure relief valve – both of which need replaced.

And to rub salt in the wound, the landlord is liable for the painting required on the building so there will be a costly painting bill on top of the boiler repair costs.

Whether you live in a Semi Detached house, a modern apartment or a traditional tenement, your home is all but guaranteed to be heated by a gas boiler.

And from time to time, those boilers break down or has an issue ranging from making strange noises to loosing pressure and you need to call a Gas Engineer for a boiler repair job. We are Wright Gas. Your local boiler repair company.

Based in Bridge of Weir and covering Renfrewshire, Paisley and the West Coast of Scotland up to the outskirts of Glasgow West. We are fully Gas Safe Certified, a Which Trusted Trader and a Baxi Approved Boiler Installer.

How much does boiler repairs cost?

That is the million dollar question and it really does depend on what is wrong with your boiler. If the boiler is still under warranty then it can be less as the manufacturer can supply replacement parts. If your boiler is very old, simply obtaining the parts to fix your boiler can prove to be tricky. It is simply impossible to give a price for boiler repairs because each breakdown has its own unique traits and has to be costed on site.

At Wright Gas, we always respect our customers home and their time. So when your boiler has broken down, we will do everything we can to get to you as soon as possible. We wear protective covers over our work boots and we always clean up any mess after ourselves.

What if my boiler has a manufacturers warranty?

Any new or ‘newish’ boiler will most likely come with a manufacturers warranty. However, the T&Cs of this warranty dictate that whatever boiler brand it may be, your boiler MUST be serviced annually to ensure that the warranty stays valid.

If it hasn’t been serviced regularly then your warranty will most likely be void. We can advise you on this when you call.

Booking a Boiler Repair Job

If your boiler has broken down and you need a professional, reliable repair company in your area then call Wright Gas today on 07746 942 768.

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